The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe Script

This is an ESL drama script for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was set for a cast of eight people, all girls (except Aslan), all third or fourth graders. For each scene, the girls would watch the relevant portion of the movie and then write their own scripts for that scene. I would then grade their scripts and create the scene using as much as possible their words and ideas. Because we had so few participants, Peter (Petra) and Susan doubled as the narrators.  For a ten person team, you could easily substitute all the Petra/Susan scenes for narrators. The drama was supposed to be performed in the spring of 2020 but thanks to COVID19 it never was. Anyways… enjoy.
PS. At the end is the promo video we used in promotion.

The Lion
The Witch
And The Wardrobe

(English Drama Script)

Dramatis Personae
White Witch

Scene 1:
Petra – Hi. My name is Petra, and this is Susan. We have a story to tell you that you will not believe.
Susan – But it’s true.
Petra – Yes. Thank you. Wait your turn.
Susan – Sorry.
Petra – A few years ago we were living happily in London with not a care in the world.
Susan – There was mom and dad, us, and our sisters Edna and Lucy.
Petra – But we call her Ed.
Susan – You wait your turn.
Petra – Oh, just get on with it.
Susan – Fine. We were all happy in London, but the world was changing. War broke out.
Petra – Our dad was a pilot and he was in the Royal Air Force fighting against the Germans.
Susan – Our mom was a nurse and she had to spend a lot of time helping hurt soldiers.
Petra – That meant there was no one in London to watch us kids. And with all the bombs dropping
that was not a good thing.
Susan – I hated those bombs.
Petra – We know, Susan, we know.
Susan – So the four of us were sent away to the countryside to live with a strange old professor.
Petra – He had a very big house to explore, but it was not a house made for kids.
Susan – We got bored. A lot.
Petra – It was on one of those boring days that our adventure begins.

Scene 2:
Lucy – I’m bored
Susan – Read a book
Lucy – That’s boring
Petra – Look. It’s raining.  I’m sorry but we have to stay inside.
Lucy – There is nothing to do inside.
Edna – I’m bored too.
Petra – You’re always bored.
Susan – Petra, be nice.
Petra – What? It’s true.
Lucy – I know. Let’s play hide and seek.
Edna – That’s boring too.
Susan – It’s either that or you can read a book.
Edna – Fine. I’ll play… Not it.
Susan & Lucy – Not it.
Petra – How does this always happen? 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…

Scene 3:
Susan – As Petra began to count, the rest of us all ran through the old house to find a good hiding spot.
Petra – Lucy found an old spare room that had nothing in it except a large wardrobe.
Susan – She snuck into that wardrobe thinking it would be a good place to hide.
Petra – Little did she know that her hiding place would end up changing all of our lives.

(Lucy walks backwards through the wardrobe into Narnia)

Lucy – Wow!

(Tumnus comes skipping through the forest. He runs into Lucy)

Tumnus & Lucy – Aaaagghh!
Tumnus – (hiding behind a tree) Ummm. Ch… gk… uh…
Lucy – Don’t be scared.
Tumnus – Huh. Ummmm. I. No. I ju… just didn’t want to scare you.
Lucy – What are you?
Tumnus – I’m a faun, of course. And you. Are you a dwarf with no beard?
Lucy – I’m not a dwarf. I’m a girl. And I’m the tallest girl in my class.
Tumnus – Do you mean… Are you a daughter of Eve?
Lucy – Eve? No. My mom’s name is Helen.
Tumnus – Yes, yes. But you are, in fact, a human?
Lucy – Of course.
Tumnus – Where did you come from?
Lucy – Well, I walked through the wardrobe in the spare room and…
Tumnus – Spare Oom… Is that in Narnia?
Lucy – Narnia? What’s that?
Tumnus – This. This is Narnia. Everything from this lamp post all the way to the Great Castle by the sea. Everything
you see is Narnia.
Lucy – This is a really big wardrobe.
Tumnus – I’m sorry. We haven’t met yet. My name is Tumnus.
Lucy – Nice to meet you Mrs. Tumnus. My name is Lucy

(Lucy holds out her hand. Tumnus looks at it.)

Lucy – Oh. You are supposed to shake it?
Tumnus – Why?
Lucy – I don’t know. It’s what people do.

(Tumnus shakes her hand)

Tumnus – Lucy. From the beautiful city of War Drobe in the fine land of Spare Oom. Would you like to come and
have tea with me?
Lucy – Thank you very much, but I really must get back.
Tumnus – Please do come. We won’t be long. I have a nice warm fire and can play some music, and I even have a
little hot chocolate left.
Lucy – You have hot chocolate. Then, yes, I will come.

(Tumnus and Lucy walk away, arm in arm)


Scene 4:
Petra – Lucy and Tumnus went to her house to have some hot chocolate.
Susan – But our sister didn’t know that Tumnus had put something in her drink to make her sleepy
Petra – After they talked for a short while Tumnus began to play some music to help Lucy sleep.

(Music clip)

Susan – Aslan roared through the fire and woke our sister up.
Petra – When Tumnus heard the lion, she felt bad about what she was doing. Instead Tumnus helped Lucy find her
way back to the wardrobe and to our house.
Susan – Lucy tried to tell her story when she got back but…
Petra – We thought she was crazy
Susan – Don’t interrupt me…
Petra – But it’s true. I was still counting when she came running back asking if we missed her.
Susan – Petra and I were confused. But Edna decided to play a trick on her.
Petra – The next time Lucy went to the wardrobe, Edna followed her thinking she would catch her lying to us.

Scene 5:
Edna – Lucy… Lucy… Where are you?

(Edna walks through the wardrobe into Narnia. She is scared)

Edna – Umm… Lucy? I think I believe you now.

(The white witch comes in riding a sleigh)

White Witch – Who are you?
Edna – Umm… Ed?
White Witch – Ed? Ed? What kind of name is that?
Edna – Well, actually my name is Edna. But…
White Witch – Yes. Yes. Edna, tell me. Are you a daughter of Eve?
Edna – A what? My mom’s name is Helen.

(White Witch turns towards the audience)

White Witch – Children. What do they teach them in those schools these days?

(Looking at Edna)

White Witch – Child. Are you, by any chance, human?
Edna – Yes. Of course.
White Witch – How did you get here?
Edna – Well, I went into the wardrobe and…
White Witch – The Wardrobe again. That blasted wardrobe. Tell me, Edna, do you by any chance  have any brothers
or sisters?
Edna – Yes. Sisters. There are four of us. Petra, Susan, me and Lucy.
White Witch – Four?

(The Witch starts to get angry, then pretends to be nice.)

White Witch – Here. Would you like some Turkish Delight?

(Edna takes a piece and stuffs her mouth)

Edna – Thank you, ma’am. Thank you very much.
White Witch – Edna. Ed. I would love to meet your sisters. Could you bring them to visit me?
Edna – Even Petra? I hate Petra.
White Witch – Yes. Even Petra.
Edna – Why would I want to do that?
White Witch – Because if you don’t I’ll… be very sad. Bring them to me and I will give you as much Turkish Delight as
you can eat.
Edna – In that case, sure. I’ll bring them.
White Witch – Thank you. Until then I will be waiting.
Edna – Bye… Wow, she was nice.

Scene 6:
Petra – Edna had no idea how evil the white witch really was.
Susan – She met Lucy on the way out of the wardrobe but she told us she never was in Narnia.
Petra – This made Lucy very sad and she ran away crying.
Susan – Edna is always teasing Lucy, just like you are always teasing Edna.
Petra – Hey now.
Susan – It’s true.
Petra – So? You don’t need to go telling everybody. We have a story to share.
Susan – Huh. Whatever.
Petra – Anyways, the professor heard Lucy crying and came to find out what was wrong.
Susan – He told us we should trust Lucy.
Petra – So we decided to all go and see this wardrobe for ourselves.
Susan – Little did we know what was about to happen.

Scene 7:
Lucy – See? I told you.
Petra & Susan – Wow.
Petra – Edna, you did come here didn’t you?
Edna – Well… I… ummmm…
Susan – Say I’m sorry to Lucy, right now.
Edna – Oh look, a beaver!
Petra – Is she waving to us?
Beaver – Psst. Come here.
Susan – Did that beaver just talk?
Lucy – They all talk here, come on.
Beaver – Shhh. We can’t talk here. The trees have ears. Let’s go back to my house.

Beaver – That’s better. I’m glad I found you. The White Witch has spies watching Tumnus’ house.
Lucy – Is Tumnus OK?
Beaver – Lucy, I’m so sorry.

Scene 8:
Petra – We talked to Beaver all night long.
Susan – She told us about the evil White Witch who acted like she was queen.
Petra – She made everything winter all the time…
Susan – But never the holidays.
Petra – Hey, I was gonna say that.
Susan – Beaver also told us that things were starting to melt.
Petra – So we knew the seasons were changing.
Susan – Also, Aslan was coming.
Petra – Some animals had seen him and were told we should all gather and wait for him.
Susan – At some point Lucy noticed that Edna was missing.
Petra – We realized that she must have gone to the witch.
Susan – That meant we all had to hurry. If the witch knew where we were, she’d turn us all into ice.
Petra – We quickly left Beaver’s house and went to join the others at the Stone Table.
Susan – And it was a good thing, too. We heard the witch’s wolves chasing us all night long.
Petra – We were very scared.
Susan – But we were better off than poor Edna.

Scene 9:
Edna – Hello! Hello? This place is really creepy
Witch – Finally, you have arrived. But can you answer a couple questions for me?
Edna – Sure.
Witch – Are your sisters deaf?
Edna – What? Ummmm no.
Witch – Are they stupid?
Edna – Well, I think Petra is but mom says that…
Edna – I tried to bring them with me, but they wouldn’t come. They are at Beaver’s house.
Witch – Well I guess that is the best I can expect from a foolish girl like you.
Edna – k… ca… can I have some Turkish Delight now?
Witch – What? Are you kidding me? You can’t even do the one thing I asked.
Edna – I didn’t totally fail. I also heard some important news.
Witch – And what important news do you think you have for me?
Edna – The Beaver said Aslan is coming.
Witch – Wait… what? Did you say Aslan? Where?
Edna – They said something about a stone Table.
Witch – Guards! Throw this girl in the dungeon with Tumnus. Gather the army. We must hurry!

Scene 10:
Beaver – Well, here we are. The Stone Table.
Lucy – Phew. I’m tired. I don’t think I can take another step.
Petra – So where is… oh…

(Aslan walks out and everybody kneels)

Petra – Your Majesty.
Aslan – Welcome Petra, Susan, and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. But where is the fourth?
Lucy – She was captured.
Susan – That’s why we are here.
Aslan – Captured? How can this be?
Beaver – Your Majesty, Edna betrayed us.
Aslan – Why did she do that?
Petra – It’s my fault. I have not been nice to her.
Susan – We were all too mean.
Lucy – Sir, she’s our sister.
Aslan – I know, but that makes her actions even worse. That will make this harder than you think. Please, Petra stay
with me.

(The others leave, Petra stays next to Aslan)

Aslan – That is The Great Castle. One day you will sit on the throne as a queen of Narnia.
Petra – I’m not who you think I am.
Aslan – You are Petra Pevensie of London. Beaver also said that you wanted to turn her into a hat.
Petra – I was only joking.
Aslan – Petra, there is a Truth that rules over Narnia, and all other worlds. It shows us the difference between right
and wrong. It is what gives us our destiny.
Petra – Aslan, I can’t even protect my family.
Aslan – You brought them this far.
Petra – Not all of them.
Aslan – I will do what I can for your sister. While I am gone, I will need you to lead the army.

Scene 11: (all four are narrators)
Susan – While we spent the night in the camp, Aslan left to meet with the queen.
Lucy – Susan and I saw Aslan go and we snuck out to follow.
Susan – He went to meet with the White Witch.
Lucy – He traded himself for Edmond.
Susan – We were glad our sister was free, but the things the White Witch did to Aslan were evil.
Lucy – We thought they killed Aslan and left him alone on the Stone Table.
Susan – The Witch and her army then left the area to prepare for the battle.
Lucy – While we watched, some mice came and ate the ropes on Aslan’s hands and feet.
Susan – Aslan was alive! He joined us and together we went to the White Witch’s castle. There Aslan began freeing
everyone the Witch had turned into stone.
Lucy – Even Mrs. Tumnus!

Petra – When I woke in the morning, my other sisters were gone, but Edna was back.
Edna – I felt bad for the way I had acted with my sisters. I felt even worse that Aslan went to trade himself to pay for
my crimes.
Petra – We did not have much time. Before the sun was up, we could hear the Witch’s army coming.
Edna – The battle we fought was scary. It was even more scary than the bombing of London.
Petra – We fought hard, but we were losing. That was when Edna came to the rescue.

Scene 12:
Petra – Edna! You have to go! Find your sisters and bring them back through the wardrobe.
Beaver – You heard your sister. Let’s go!

(The Witch starts walking towards Petra)

Witch – Aslan is dead. Your sisters are gone. Now, Petra, you will die!
Edna – I can’t leave my sister.

(Edna jumps in front of the Witch)

Witch – What, you? Foolish girl, you should have stayed with me.
Edna – Never!

(Edna cuts off the Witch’s wand)

Witch – You’ll pay for that!

(Edna is stabbed and falls)

Petra – Edna! No!
Witch – Now you will die too.
Aslan – ROAR!
Witch – Impossible! You should have died!
Tumnus, Lucy, Susan – For Aslan and for Narnia!
Witch – Wait, my army is running. Come back! Don’t run away you cowards!
Aslan – Your time is finished. Take her away!

(Beaver and Tumnus drag the Witch off the stage)

Petra – Quick, Lucy, use your potion on Edna
Edna – Wha… I’m alive? I’m alive! Thank Lucy. I am so sorry for being mean to you.
Petra – And I’m sorry for being mean to you, Edna.
Lucy – We are a family. All back together again.

Final Scene:
Tumnus – Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Tumnus, the royal secretary of Narnia. May I present to you Mrs.
Beaver, the Royal treasurer!

(As each person is called, they come out center stage and bow to the audience)

Tumnus – And now, about to be thrown into the deepest dungeon for the rest of her life, may I present the White

(She comes out handcuffed and rather than bowing, she falls to the ground center stage)

Tumnus – Now for the moment you have all been waiting for. About to sit on her throne in the Great Castle for the
very first time. I present to you Queen Lucy, the Valiant!

Tumnus – And may I present to you Queen Edna, the Just!

Tumnus – And may I present to you Queen Susan, the Gentle!

Tumnus – And may I present to you Queen Petra, the Magnificent!

Tumnus – Last, but not least, may I present to you the High King of Narnia and of all worlds, Aslan!

(When Aslan comes out, he does not bow to the audience but instead, all the other actresses bow to him)


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